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Civil Litigation Study Notes Bundle

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A set of Civil Litigation study notes created for revising Civil Litigation on the Bar Course. 

Use these notes to test knowledge, cover new areas and make study resources such as flashcards, mindmaps and flow charts. Search the documents to find quick reference to topics you are looking for. These notes were made according to the Civil Litigation Syllabus. For more products to aid your Civil Litigation studies, check out the Civil Litigation Syllabus Spreadsheet and Civil Litigation Timeline Worksheet (from Pre-Action to Disclosure).

For students on the 2019/20 Civil Litigation syllabus, the numbering below reflects the 2020/21 syllabus. They have an additional 2 topics (4 and 5) which is reflected in the numbering. These notes will still help for the named topics, the numbers are the only material difference. 

Contains relevant CPR references and notes on primary Syllabus topics for (numbering based on 2020/21 Syllabus): 

  • Syllabus 2 - Limitation
  • Syllabus 3 - Pre-Action Protocols
  • Syllabus 6 - Commencing Proceedings
  • Syllabus 7 - Parties
  • Syllabus 8 - Statements Of Case
  • Syllabus 9 - Multiple Causes Of Action, Counterclaims And Other Additional Claims
  • Syllabus 12 - Default and Summary Judgment
  • Syllabus 13 - Case Management, Sanctions And Striking Out
  • Syllabus 14 - Disclosure And Inspection Of Documents
  • Syllabus 18 - Offers To Settle
  • Syllabus 23 - Costs

Purchasers will receive immediate updates if notes are updated or amended. 


  • Syllabus 1 - General Matters
  • Syllabus 10 - Amendement
  • Syllabus 11 - Further information
  • Syllabus 15 - Interim Applications
  • Syllabus 16 - Interim payments and Security for Costs
  • Syllabus 17 - Interim Injunctions
  • Syllabus 19 - Evidence of Fact
  • Syllabus 20 - Expert evidence
  • Syllabus 21 - Civil Trial and Evidence
  • Syllabus 22 - Judgments, Orders and Enforcement
  • Syllabus 24 - Appeals

Please note, total accuracy of the notes and CPR references cannot be guaranteed. Ensure that you cross reference these notes for your own study. 

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